RMG are delighted to announce that our new Paperless Service is now live! By opting into this service you will be able to receive your correspondence via email rather than through the post. Correspondence including:

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Year end accounts
  • Site specific information

There are several advantages for customers who sign up for the new service. For example, managing and filing your information should become easier and occupy less storage at home. You can download and archive your correspondence to save for your reference and records. Another advantage of signing up for the new Paperless Service is the option to have your correspondence on your phone or tablet to discuss at any time with your Property Manager, especially at meetings.

You will be able to see your invoices and make instant payments as you can check your correspondence wherever you are meaning there are no delays in receiving vital information through the post.

The new Paperless Service is a vital part of RMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility. By emailing correspondence to customers RMG are helping to reduce the waste associated with mass printing. If all of RMG’s Customers sign up to receive their correspondence via email this would equate to a saving of 528 trees or almost 56 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. This is the equivalent of saving enough energy to make over 3.5 million cups of tea!

RMG’s Managing Director Hugh McGeever comments, “We are keen to reduce our impact on the environment whilst making Customer access to our services that little bit easier.”

So, to sign up for this great service, simply follow the link:http://www.rmgliving.co.uk/paperless