Complaints Procedure

In addition to providing high-quality Property Management services, we are committed to providing the highest standards of customer care. Whilst we will do our absolute best to maintain these standards, there may be occasions when problems arise.

RMG Scotland aims to provide an excellent quality service. However, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service you receive, we have established a formal Complaints Policy to outline the procedure which should be followed to make a formal complaint.


It is accepted that most complaints will be made informally to front-line members of staff and we will always aim to resolve your complaint at this stage, without the need for further action. However, should the complaint not be resolved at this stage, it may be necessary to invoke our “formal” Complaints Procedure.

Formal Complaints may include:

Failure to deliver our Written Statement of Services
Failure to comply with the Property Factors Code of Conduct
Dissatisfaction with our policies and procedures

How do I make a formal complaint?

Before making a formal complaint, we would ask you to liaise once again with the person you were originally dealing with, in order to give them a final opportunity to address your request. If this proves to be unsuccessful, we would ask you to follow the steps outlined below.

We will record your complaint and ensure it is handled confidentially; efficiently.

We will ensure that your complaint is fully investigated within the timescales set out below.

We will respond fully to your complaint, in writing, detailing the findings of our investigation and any relevant action points taken.

Complaint Escalation Path

Resolve:  Dispute Resolution Team/Property Manager –  Up to 10 working days

Review:  Head of Property North/Director –  Up to 10 working days

External Referral:  Housing and Property Chamber, First Tier Tribunal for Scotland –  Please refer to Housing and Property Chamber Guidelines

Useful Contact Details

Postal Address

RMG House
Essex Road
EN11 0DR

Email address:
Telephone: 0345 002 4499

All complaint correspondence will be acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt.


In the first instance, your complaint will be passed to the Dispute Resolution Team or the Property Manager to investigate and respond. They will determine what has happened and why, contact you if additional information is required and provide a resolution.

You should receive a response within 10 working days once all relevant information has been received.


If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint after Stage 1, your complaint will be referred to the appropriate Head of Property North or Director. They will carry out a full investigation and provide a response.

You should receive a response within a further 10 working days.

External Referral

Property Factors operating in Scotland are bound by the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 which sets out a Code of Conduct.

If you believe RMG has failed to comply with the Code of Conduct or otherwise failed to carry out duties, you may wish to consider making an application to the First Tier Tribunal for Scotland, Housing and Property Chamber.
In order to escalate a complaint to the Chamber, homeowners must first notify their Property Factor in writing of the reasons why they consider that the Factor has failed to carry out the Property Factor’s duties, or failed to comply with the Code. The Property Factor must also have refused to resolve the homeowner’s concerns, or have unreasonably delayed attempting to resolve them.

Contact Information

Housing and Property Chamber
First-tier Tribunal for Scotland

4th Floor
1 Atlantic Quay
45 Robertson Street

Telephone: 0141 302 5900