Who is responsible for repairs?

As your Managing Agent or Factor, RMG Scotland arranges the maintenance and repair of the communal areas, the building structure, any shared services or equipment and any external grounds. As owners of a property, you will have a liability to contribute a share towards the costs of maintaining and renewing common property, as per the title deeds or deed of conditions for your property.

What if my development is still under construction?

In the case of a development still under construction, particularly a large or phased development, often the developer will retain control and carry out any early management services such as cleaning or landscape maintenance until they are ready to hand over responsibility to the factor. This will mean that some or all areas will not yet be the responsibility of RMG Scotland to maintain.

This also means that some areas of your development may be incomplete or part of a working building site. In these circumstances, residents should anticipate unfinished roads or landscaping and increased levels of noise and dust.

Who is responsible for flat to flat leaks?

Flat to flat leaks are classed as a private issue and as such, remain the responsibility of the owner of the flat to resolve and rectify. However, should you require additional assistance in this respect, such as getting in touch with an adjoining property owner, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to assist.

How do I report problems of noise/nuisance caused by other residents?

In the first instance we always ask residents to try and resolve any issues with their neighbours directly. Should the problem persist please contact your Local Authority.

What can I dispose of in the bin store?

Bin stores are usually a communal area managed and maintained by RMG Scotland. The bin stores are only for the disposal of household waste and recycling. If you have any bulk items you would like to dispose of (e.g. old electrical items, furniture) you should contact your Local Authority to determine where your nearest waste disposal/recycling depot is located. You can find out more information on www.upmystreet.com

You may be able to book collection of certain bulk items without charge, by arrangement with your Local Authority.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned on your development, please contact the Customer Service Team at RMG with the make, model, colour, a photograph (where possible), and location of the vehicle.

Access to your Property

If you need a replacement or additional key for a shared / communal entrance door or gates please contact the Customer Service Team. Some keys and fobs often have to be ordered from the suppliers and so may take several days to arrive. In some cases, the charge from the supplier for an electric fob can be significant and we have to pass on this cost. Please note we do not have access to keys for your individual front door.

In the event there is a door entry code for access and you have mislaid the code then please contact our Customer Services Team who will be able to assist you. Door codes can only be provided to owners or authorised contacts on the account.

Can I change the windows in my property?

You should refer to the title deeds or deed of conditions for your property to ascertain your position on changing the appearance and materials of your windows.  In addition, you should contact your local authority to ensure that your proposal meets current planning regulations.

If your title deeds do not stipulate that there is a requirement to maintain uniformity within your building or development, you may be at liberty to change your windows.  In this case, your windows are a private matter to you and you do not need to notify the factor for your development. You should still ensure that your proposed change meets planning regulations.

Can I have a pet?

If you would like to keep a pet in your property, please refer to your title deeds or deed of conditions for your property for stipulations on pets in private dwellings and on common property.

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